Google makes boring

Google is now responsible making boring and bland the designs for all websites … It has become an innovation killer.

All websites now look pretty much the same.

Don’t you all have the feeling that most websites look and feel the same? In fact, technically, they are all pretty much the same. Few try to achieve a differentiation through creativity or technical superiority.

Design innovation at the cost of SEO.

This is a normal consequence of trying to beat the Google algorithm. The whole world is focused on SEO (search engine optimization), rather then technological advance or creativity. Google has so much impact on business that everyone is doing the same thing. There is nothing wrong with being found or building websites to be found. It’s a normal business decision.

As Google is dictating the principles and the major factor of success on the Internet, we should expect more. For me, Google was leading the way. It built a brilliant search engine, developed Google maps etc… It was ahead through innovation and making bold steps.  Not anymore.

No reward for design and technical innovation.

The search algorithm is incapable of rewarding effort or differentiation. Instead they punish it. To really innovate technically or creatively one often has to go against the almighty algorithm.  For example:  to be found, a site must have a lot of text with keywords. It must have many links from other sites to be considered important. This in itself refrains the usage of animation, video and pictures. It pushes people to focus on repeating text, overcrowding sites and getting purchased links. It is now possible to make video interactive. This can create amazing sites without clutter. It reduces the text to read, boost interactivity and simplifies everything. Well, it’s hardly used. It’s not SEO friendly. This is just one example amongst many.
Google, please make an effort to use all your brilliant personnel to make the web a great experience again. Make developers and businesses eager to experiment. Make people want to be different, make them want to give us the best experience. Don’t settle for boring!

Date created: 04/12/2017       Date modified: 02/09/2021
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