If you dont want migrants - vote ecology!

At present the only parties, which offer solutions against mass migration, are the ecological ones. Paradoxically, the extreme right parties are only contributing to the mass influx of immigrants. This is a weird conclusion, but it makes a lot of sense.

Population migration.

Population migration is a big topic at present. Many countries are trying to find solutions. The Australian Government is paying migrants to return. In the US they are building a huge fence to stop the South Americans from entering. Europe, is building refugee camps all over the place, as they can’t agree between each other how to deal with it.

Population migrations occur due to multiple reasons that be resumed by war, natural catastrophes, and the increasing clove between rich and poor nations. This impacts million people in the world.

Population migration will only get worse.

Now come the interesting facts, as according to the IPCC (intergovernmental panel on climate change) there will be 150 million migrants by the year 2050 due to shoreline erosion, flooding and agricultural disruption. The problem has already started as between 2010 and 2011 there were 42 million people displaced in Asia and in the Pacific due to floods, storm, and other extreme weather patterns. The majority being able to return home once conditions improved. A study in 2007 showed that there are 637 million people living in coastal areas that will directly be impacted by the rising sea levels. Most will have to migrate elsewhere.

These figures only show the impacts due to weather and rising water. They do not incorporate the data for the spread of epidemics, the increase in war and the changes in food production. This means we can expect mass population migrations to be reach around 1 billion.

Which political party does the most to curb migration ?

So, which political parties are really doing something about the migration problem? The obvious answer should be those parties opposed to immigration and those pushing for border control. These parties are mainly extreme right parties. Being on the right they stand for economic prosperity at all cost, for tax reductions, stimulation for the rich and free economy. They are the parties backing the economy at the coast of the environment and the creation of war. They are the ones who will ensure that mass migration occurs.

2050 seems a long way away, but for most people on earth this is still in their lifetime. Mass population migration will impact you directly. The parties focused on immigration are only enhancing the problem and are not offering solutions. Push you politicians to take this seriously and come up with viable solutions.

Date created: 27/08/2015       Date modified: 02/09/2021
Author: debate-it.com
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