Positive signs

It’s now been a while since I wrote an article. I have been struggling for months now with the increase in xenophobia, the rise of extremism, corporatocracy, pollution, and the general direction of our world.

Not anymore, I have hope! As strange as it may seem, it comes from tell tale signs in the US pre-elections, the Brexit campaign and naturally from my positive disposition.

Just recently, I understood that it’s pretty much all linked and that it is actually signs that we are on the right track. The road we are taking is not the easiest, but light is certainly at the end of the tunnel.

What we are seeing in the US election is pretty incredible. How can human beings tolerate someone who denigrates others, who changes his mind every day about key subjects, who lies and has a terrible track record with regards to his humanity and the way he conducted his business. For me, a leader must show the example. I really don’t want my 9 years old son following the US election, as he will think that denigrating rivals, speaking with a minimal vocabulary and xenophobia is acceptable behaviour. Up to now, I was thinking that the US election was a farce and a danger to the world.

The whole Brexit campaign is also something I could not understand. One group tries to scare everyone into staying and the other just wants to hold on to power. The debate is shallow and completely wrong. Europe is theoretically good for everyone as it’s the best way to keep peace in this world and opens up economical markets for all. No one can deny that losing a bit of sovereignty for peace and potential prosperity is good. The crux of the problem is what Europe has become. The debate should be about how Europe should change and not about the UK leaving. Unfortunately, I don’t see anyone having this debate.

Due to both of these points, I was getting quite angry and was wondering what was happening to our world. Are people so disgruntled that they will vote for a tyrant and completely loose the eye on the long-term objectives?

This led me to decide to dig further and understand who is voting for whom and what. In order to keep this article short enough to read, I will concentrate on the youth. It turns out that in the US, they are very motivated by Bernie Sanders social message. It is also the youth that wants to stay in Europe. Simply speaking, the youth is telling us it is time to become more social, stop with corporatocracy and spread the wealth. They also believe it is acceptable to give away power for peace. Shared prosperity and unity is what they want. This is exiting news and bodes very well for our future. 

Over the last 30 years, pretty much all the western countries have adopted capitalistic principles by believing the answer to the world economy is globalization and the trickle down effect. We ended up doing everything for the shareholders. Our economic motto became “shareholder value”. Gordon Gekko would be proud. Traditional social parties started to push through a neo-liberal agenda. Bill Clinton, Tony Blair excelled in right wing agendas. Even the French socialistic government is now driving a right wing agenda. The political debate has shifted from a left / right confrontation of ideas, to a right / extreme right battle. This has been the crux of the problem. There is no more room for any form of socialism.

The new generation is telling us that a social agenda is good. That we need to take responsibility for the planet, that we need to do it in co-operation rather then building castles. Our youth is telling us what they want. They have a much better idea of what the future looks like. Our grandparents fought the world wars. Our parents build a new economy by hard work and gave us plenty. Generation X has been distracted by comfort and marketing manipulation. We have brought the planet to a state of environmental disaster and we have allowed a skewed distribution of wealth throughout the whole world. Isn't it time to learn from our mistakes and to create the world that our kids are asking for. I want my son to be proud of how we handover the world to his generation.

In other words, if your not sure who or what to vote, follow the lead of the younger generations and empower them to build the future they want.  

Date created: 05/06/2016       Date modified: 02/09/2021
Author: debate-it.com
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