Save the economy Pay Cash

This sound like a crazy idea, but there is some thought behind it and it certainly can’t hurt.

Who benefits from less cash?

Over the last years, the amount of cash transactions have been reducing year on year. It is now standard to pay with different bankcards and through the Internet. This makes it easier for us.  But who really benefits the most?

The Governments don't like cash.

Well, to start with, the government is very happy about this development. Taxation becomes a lot easier to control. The small-scale black market economies that financed students, old age pensioners etc… are pretty much gone.  We are led to believe that this is a positive step for the economy and criminality. However, the money laundering economy is still has strong as ever.

Banks don't like cash.

Banks are also chuffed about the card payment advances. Less costs, less personnel and customers do all the work through Internet accounts. Bank branches are closing all over the place and customer service, other then opening an account, is becoming scarce.

Large corporations dont like cash.

Most of our money is being monitored through our bank accounts and our daily transactions.  It is nearly impossible to avoid taxes. This control mechanism directly benefits the large corporations who finance many accountants and lawyers to pay as little tax as possible. They also benefit from development subsidies, lobbying and other official perks. There is nothing illegal (maybe immoral) about what these companies do. However, smaller businesses struggle day in day out to make ends meet, and carry the full weight of every penny earned being taxed.  After having paid the personnel cost, rent, VAT etc…they pay themselves a wage and get taxed on that again. Tax upon tax, upon tax.

This system is really the base of our economical problems. In our modern economy, everything from taxes, law and bankcard payments favour the large industries, at the cost of the smaller more important economical drivers. It is really incredible that we have let this happen.

Start paying in cash to regain your economical power.

There is a way to claim this back and drive governments to think logically again. Most people are too tired to march in the streets to voice their opinion. We are also somewhat scared of the repercussions. So, why don’t we go back to paying cash for our transactions. This is legal and cost us little effort. Banks will get the message that we are tired of their behaviour and that we want honesty, service and security from them. And above all, it will prove that we are customers. Governments will panic, as all of a sudden they may loose sight of their control mechanisms. If cash starts circulating again, it is unavoidable that some  of it will once again finance students and pensioners. Some hard working business owners might finally be able to take a holiday.

The main driver for going back to cash, is to put the economic power back in your hands: in the pocket of the silent majority.

We have movember to raise awareness of men’s health, so we should also have a cash month to help boost the economy, give a message to the banks and governments, and test this little theory…Who knows what will happen. The beauty is that it's legal, it's moral, and it's our choice.

Date created: 13/09/2015       Date modified: 02/09/2021
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